Traditional Techniques Meet Cutting Edge Technology

Each event requires its own unique, customized design. Our design process involves the evaluation of a number of key elements including:

  • The client’s vision

  • Size and nature of the event

  • Location

  • Desired event outcome

  • Budget

Our designers employ a combination of traditional drafting techniques and the latest computer-aided design technology. These elements work together to produce accurate layouts and blueprints for each event.

Bringing a design to life may mean incorporating a variety of elements, such as computerized lighting, fiber optics, and intelligent moving lights, in conjunction with traditional lighting techniques.  We have the ability to create an amazing variety of scenes. With our vast inventory of equipment, we can provide everything from dynamic pyrotechnic lighting to subtle ambient mood lighting.

One benefit of working with GLP is our vast reservoir of knowledge, imagination and inspiration. That’s why our designs are continually recognized as world-class by our clients and other industry professionals.

GLP focuses on the details so you can focus on your production or event. We offer a total solution, from lighting to payroll.
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